Frequently Answers and Questions


  • Who is the device for?

    • The F-Tester is designed for network technicians and network administrators in institutions, large businesses, and ISPs. They will be appreciated not only by those who need to quickly determine the condition of the network and meet the quality criteria, but also to obtain input for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting of networks.


  • For what types of communication networks can the device be used?

    • The F-Tester is designed to measure TCP/IP family-based communication network parameters. You can define a measurement scenario with arbitrary flow of both TCP and UDP data.


  • What variations exist and what transmission technologies can be measured?

    • The basic variant has a metallic interface 10/100/1000BASE-T and can be directly used on Ethernet networks, or through this interface for testing connection modems xDSL, GPON, BPL, etc. The wireless variant has Wi-Fi and LTE (available from 4Q 2019).