Technical’s parameters

General testing options are presented follow (technical details are presented at each HW variant).

Types of tests:

  • Short-term measurements
    • brief verification of a network
    • bottleneck detection
  • Long-term measurements
    • detailed analyses scaled to hours, days or weeks
    • communication stability tests

NGA tests:

  • TCP throughput 30/100 Mbit/s test
    • multiple data streams
    • testing pattern variability
    • evaluation by BEREC methods
    • RTT end stability measurement
  • UDP throughput
    • throughput limits testing (ramp test) with different packet size
    • stability measurement with constant stream
    • RTT and packet jitter measurement
    • packet loss measurement

Network topologies:

  • point-to-point
  • point-to-multipoint
  • mesh


  • time charts (combination of multiple graphs in a single chart)
  • histograms (distribution of a measured parameter frequency)
  • statistics and box-plots (mean, variance, median, min-max value)
  • threshold detection