Introduction of F-Tester

F-Tester is designed to measure parameters of communication networks that use TCP/IP protocols. These measurements rely on traffic definitions based on predefined traffic patterns and the results of such measurements are given as time-sequence of parameters such as response time of the network, round-trip time and error rate.

  • NGA (Next Generation Access) network validation – testing of internet access and data communication performance, SLA testing (Service Level Agreement), troubleshooting.
  • Device or service – F-Tester can be deployed as a terminal device by a customer or purchased as a service delivered by our expert team.
  • Customized tests – F-Tester contains a set of pre-configured tests comprising the most common network performance benchmarking tasks. These tests can be easily customized to reflect the specific needs of the specific applications.
  • Results understanding at a glanced – F-Tester plots the measurement results using time diagrams, histograms and box-plots, so that the results are quickly and easily understood, with visualizations designed to show relationships among the displayed parameters. The statistical extension provides quantification of important parameters for extremely comprehensive setups and compares these results with pre-set limits.

Analyses can be conducted by F-Tester itself or using a master computer that can interconnect several F Testers and subsequently analyze the data and control measurements in a 24/7 mode of operation..

An example of F Tester deployment in a more complex scenario in a point to multipoint arrangement (P2MP or MESH). Performance analysis is carried out between two F Testers or between F Testers and a VM in a datacenter.